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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on life insurance quotes. When you are planning your life insurance, what should you think about?

» Why buy life insurance?

» How much life insurance should you buy?

» Who should you buy from?

» What is the advantage of term insurance?

» Why buy a permanent policy?

Glossary and Guide

Life Insurance Quotes, Glossary and Guide

Before you get your life insurance quotes, check out this glossary. It gives you a quick guide to the jargon and helps you understand the life insurance quotes when they arrive

Compare & Save

Life Insurance Quotes Help You Save Money

Only when you shop around by getting a significant number of life insurance quotes do you give yourself the chance of finding affordable cover. Get life insurance quotes through this site today

Life Insurance Quotes Help You Save Money

  • No one likes to think about life insurance. It is painful to accept we will all die some day, so the majority of people do not invest time planning for it. They either do not buy life insurance or do it so quickly, they rarely understand what they have bought. Why should you take a little more care? Because not to protect the interests of your family is selfish. You will not be around to see the hardship your family face. So you should make proper plans. That way, the whole family can sleep better. To help this process, here are a few tips on how to find affordable cover.

    Be realistic

    If you ask an insurance agent, you will be told to buy as much insurance as you can afford. The agent’s commission depends on making the biggest possible sale. Work out how much your family would actually need and only get online life insurance quotes for that amount.

    Work online

    Although it may seem a good idea to talk to an agent, these are all high-pressure sales people. If you get life insurance quotes online, you get a lot of basic information quickly and without pressure. Remember a quote is just the first step. There will probably be a medical examination and other conditions to fulfill before you get the policy itself. If possible, never buy through an agent. This avoids the commission. Always buy directly from the insurance company.

    If money is short, buy term

    Young adults may not be able to afford the permanent policies with a cash value. The answer is to buy a term policy but, to protect your options, it is smart to buy a convertible policy and change to a permanent policy when you can afford it.

    Review your lifestyle

    Most policies require you to go through a medical examination. The premium rate will be higher (or you will be refused cover) if you are unhealthy. You should quit smoking, reduce the amount of alcohol you consume, and lose weight. The majority of Americans are overweight, have high blood pressure and are at risk of heart attacks. If this means you delay getting the life insurance quotes for six months to get healthy, so be it. Saving money is good. Leading a healthy lifestyle is better.

    Review the coverage regularly

    Circumstances change. New babies arrive. Loans are paid off. Marriages end. These events can change the amount of cover you need.

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